8 Non-Climbable Plants for your Pool Area

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non climbable plants for your pool

Complementary plants and greenery next to your pool can really bring your backyard feature to life. Although, while you may want an array of trees and plants to decorate your pool area, it’s important that you consider their safety and if they are in compliance with Queensland pool safety standards. There are rules and regulations around the size and type of plants you can have near your pool. If they are climbable and within a certain proximity of your pool fence, they simply will not pass the safety inspection and can be a serious danger to children. 

Non-climbable zones are a pool safety standard that requires a 900mm non-climbable zone around the entire pool barrier.

This zone is located on the outside for pool fences that are less than 1800 mm high. For pool fences that are higher, the non-climbable zone can be located on the outside or on the inside of the fence. 

Plants that can hold up to 25kgs, are substantially horizontal and have places for children to be able to hold their body onto are considered climbable and are a danger to have near your pool. It is important you take this into consideration when landscaping your pool area. 

There are however many non-climbable plants that can turn your new pool into the backyard paradise you’re looking for, while also sticking to the Queensland Building and Construction (QBCC) pool safety certification. 

New Zealand Flax 


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These plants are ideal because they can’t be climbed, are low maintenance and drought tolerant, whilst also still being soft to touch. They also feature striking colours and make a wonderful feature to your pool. 

Justice Carnea 

This Brazilian Plume springs pink or white flowers that are excellent foliage for pools in warmer climates. Its soft shrub and large lush leaves are a perfect decorative flower for your pool landscaping, with very little maintenance. 


This is a type of woody-stemmed grassy plants that come in different shades of greens to russet bronze. These plants are perfect for adding contrast and providing your pool with a tropical feel. 

Dwarf Stripe Buddha Bamboo

The plants are easy to grow and are a beautiful addition to your pool feature. This plant is a compact bamboo and suits being in the sun. 


False Cardamom 

This plant is fantastic for filling mid-ground spaces and is low maintenance making it perfect for pool landscaping. Its vibrant greens and soft touch also make it the ideal plant of choice when it comes to safety. 


A coastal species of plant with striking fanning leaves, this plant is a perfect choice if you want a bold feature. These plants are easy to care for and striking to look at, making them an ideal plant for your pool. 



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 These plants are clumps of shiny foliage featuring tall lavender flower stems from the centre of the plant. The dark green grass offers a look of elegance and will complement the tropical foliage of your pools landscaping. 



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Bromeliads are the perfect plant to create a Balinese style tropical garden landscape for your pool. These plants come in a variety of species and come in a range of colours including grey, pink, red and yellow. These flowers don’t grow larger than 1.5 metres wide and only 20cm in height, making them the perfect plant for your pool.

There are many decorative non-climbable plants you can use in your landscaping that can turn your pool into a glorious haven at home. Even when following the guidelines for pool safety it is still important that you obtain pool safety certification in QLD, we can help you get your pool safe, prevent drownings and avoid hefty fines. 

How to get pool safety certification for your Gold Coast swimming pool: 

  • Book a pool safety inspection with one of our expert pool inspectors.
  • We’ll register your pool with the QBCC at no additional cost. 
  • If we find that your pool complies with the safety laws, you will receive your pool safety certification on the same day. For private homes with non-shared pools, this certificate will be valid for two years and for complexes and resorts with shared pools, this certificate will be valid for one year. 
  • If however, on the day of the inspection, we will find that your pool doesn’t comply with the pool safety laws, we will give you a non-conformity notice and a detailed, yet easy to understand report which will explain the areas that need changes or repairs. 
  • You will have 90 days to make the necessary repairs before we return for a re-inspection. 

To find out more about the pool safety regulations and how Poolinspec can help you get your pool safe and compliant, call us on 0457 445 197.

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Or call 0457 445 197 Our experts are waiting to help you

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