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Licensed and experienced in pool safety inspections, our proven method gives you full confidence in your pool's safety. Prevent drownings and avoid hefty fines.

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Selling, leasing or buying a Gold Coast property with a pool? You need a pool safety inspection.

A Poolinspec pool safety inspection helps you get your pool compliant with the latest QLD pool fence regulations. Whether you need a pool certificate, a pre-inspection pool safety inspection or a pool safety consultation, we go the extra mile to help you get your pool safe.

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At Poolinspec , we're committed to reducing the drownings in Queensland. By helping you get your pool safe, we're helping to save another life.

Do you need a pool safety inspection for a Gold Coast property? You can count on our 20 years of experience in pool safety fence design and manufacturing to help you get your pool safe. We'll give you peace of mind when you need it the most with our expert pool safety inspection methods. Poolinspec is your local family-owned business that understands the real concerns that you have as parents when considering the safety of your children. That's why our qualified and licensed pool inspectors give the same detailed attention to every pool that we inspect to ensure your family's safety. You can help reduce the drowning statistics of children under 5 years old in Queensland by making your pool safe and compliant with the latest pool safety laws. Please speak to our expert pool safety inspectors today. We'll help you to prevent drownings and avoid hefty fines.

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Why Poolinspec pool inspections?

Fully Licenced & Insured

Fully Licenced& Insured

A fully trained and certified pool inspector, licenced by the QBCC with advanced pool safety knowledge and experience will perform your pool safety inspection. We also carry professional indemnity insurance so that you are covered.

Safety Peace Of Mind

SafetyPeace Of Mind

Your pool safety certificate gives you peace of mind that your pool is safe under the latest QLD pool safety laws. However, as the pool owner, it remains your responsibility to maintain your pool's compliance. We also recommend that you keep your pool certificate up to date to keep your pool safe.

No Delay Service

No DelayService

We offer same-day pool safety certificate delivery on compliant pools. Additionally, as a service to our local Gold Coast customers, we are usually able to inspect your pool within 24 hrs of your call. We pride ourselves in getting your pool safe in a fast and affordable manner.


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Your pool safety inspection questions answered.
  • The Qld pool safety laws apply to all pools filled with water to a depth of 300mm. Therefore a spa and portable pool would have to comply.

  • If the boundary fence is directly around the pool, it acts as the pool fence. It represents a simple, efficient way to comply with pool safety legislation in Queensland and other states. Of course, your fence must comply with the relevant pool fencing standards in Queensland. If it does not, you will need to modify the barrier or build a separate one.

  • If you own a pool or spa in Queensland, you need to register your pool with the QBCC .

    If you don’t register your pool, you can get an on-the-spot fine of $235.60 or a maximum court penalty of over $2000!

  • Local government authorities conduct compliance checks and have the power to penalise pool owners for non-compliant pools. The QBCC also checks that pools are registered and may fine those who have not registered their pools.

  • If you’re building or reconstructing a pool fence, you should ensure that it complies with the minimum pool fencing requirements. For a comprehensive list of standards, check out our pool safety checklist

    Some of the requirements on the checklist include:

    • The fence height must be at least 1200mm high with no gaps of more than 100mm anywhere in the barrier.
    • 1800mm high fences must have a 900mm non-climbable zone from the top of the fence, on at least one side of the fence.
    • The pool gate must open away from the pool area, and the gate latch must be on the inside of the pool. Gate latches must also be at least 150mm down from the top of the gate.
    • The pool gate must close and latch by itself when opened from all positions.
    • Remove climbable objects (branches, pot plants, furniture, etc.) from the 900mm non-climbable zone. See below diagram indicating this regulation:
    • Doors must not open up to the pool. Child-resistant door sets don’t comply any longer.
    • Windows must not open more than 100mm if there is access to the pool area. Alternatively, they must be security screened.
    • A CPR sign must be visible from anywhere in the pool area and must show an emergency number.
  • Local authorities have the power to investigate any pool owner to ensure their pool complies with regional safety standards. If they discover any breaches, they will order the pool owner to make changes and even issue an on-the-spot fine. For severe or persistent violations, the court can also impose financial penalties of up to $20 000!

  • A building and pest inspector can only perform a pool inspection if he is qualified and licensed by the QBCC to act as a pool safety inspector.



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Or call 0457 445 197 Our experts are waiting to help you

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