5 Tips that will make your pool safer this summer

Pool Safety Tips
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A backyard pool is a fun and convenient way to cool down in summer. However, as well as the hours of entertainment and relaxation, a private pool can provide, there are also some essential safety measures to consider.

Before you plan your next pool party, follow these 5 easy tips to ensure your pool is safe this summer.

  1. Check the fence height.

Over time, the ground level around the fence can change, especially if landscaping has taken place.

Check that the top of your fence is at least 1200mm off the ground, and the latch is at least 1500mm high.

Alternatively, if the fence is a glass fence, then the latch can be 150mm from the top on the inside of the gate. The gap underneath the fence should not be any greater than 100mm.

  1. Prevent climbing

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has strict measurements regarding the spacing of vertical and horizontal structures of the fence.

If part of the fence falls outside these measurements, the QBCC recommends securely attaching flat polycarbonate sheeting to shield it. This material is available at major hardware chains.
Small children can easily use outdoor furniture, toys, and garden beds to climb over the fence or reach the latch. Make sure there are no items within 900mm of the pool fencing. Trees overhanging the fence should be trimmed back as well, including those in a neighbouring yard.

  1. Routine fence maintenance

Oil gate hinges and latches to ensure smooth, effective operation. When you let go of an open pool gate, it should swing closed and latch by itself on the first time. If the gate sticks open or does not latch fully, you must make adjustments and repairs to ensure first time latching.

Inspect the entire pool boundary after storms and other extreme weather events, check for loose or broken areas and arrange a repair as soon as possible. Also, remove any fallen plant debris that is touching the fence.

Clean glass pool fencing regularly and avoid leaving towels or other items hanging on the fence between uses. Visual obstruction may make it harder to see if a child has entered the pool unsupervised.

  1. Additional safety tips
  • Remove tripping hazards such as hoses, pool toys, or fallen plant matter beside the pool.
  • Store pool cleaners and additives in a shed or other area that is not accessible to children.
  • Consider adding non-slip matting around the pool available at most major hardware stores and pool suppliers.
  • Encourage all visitors to walk when inside the pool fence.
  • Place an up to date CPR sign near the entrance of the pool fence.
  • Consider receiving Pool Lifeguard or CPR and First Aid training.

Remember the most crucial part of keeping children safe when in the water is constant supervision. Never let a child swim unattended, and when swimming with children under 5, always keep them within arm’s reach.

  1. Organise a professional inspection

The best way to be sure your pool is safe is to have an inspection provided by a reputable company. With experienced and licensed inspectors, Poolinspec is here to help Gold Coast residents ensure their pools are safe for everyone to enjoy. We are committed to offering affordable expert advice and provide same-day certificate delivery on compliant pools.

Contact Poolinspec today and make sure your pool is ready for summer.

The pool safety certificate checklist that saves you time and money.

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