5 Things you can spot check to see if your pool safety fence is compliant.

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Since 2010, the QLD pool safety regulations have made it compulsory for property owners to comply with the pool safety laws. As a result, you need a valid pool safety certificate to sell or rent a QLD property with a pool. 

If your property is older and you installed the pool fence a long time ago, the chances are that your pool could fail your first inspection. There can be up to 100 safety points a pool safety inspector checks at a pool inspection, depending on what surrounds the pool. 

By checking these 5 things before your inspection, you can help reduce the amount of remediation work that you may require for compliance.

  • Your fence or barrier around the pool must be at least 1200mm high from the ground level, with a permanent, stable surface. The gap between the ground level and the fence must not exceed 100mm. The fence must be structurally sound, and all fixings must be secure. Infill panels, like glass panels, must be in place. No protrusions or indentations exceeding 10mm that could become a toe hold for climbing. 
  • The pool gate must be self-latching from all positions and always open away from the pool area. 
  • Remove all climbable objects (branches, pot plants, furniture, etc.) from the 900mm non-climbable zone around the pool fence. 
  • There must be no direct access to the pool from a door or window. Child-resistant door sets are no longer compliant for outdoor pools.
  • Ensure that you have the latest CPR sign (resuscitation sign) visible anywhere in the pool area.

If you’ve worked through this spot check and you’re still not sure if your pool fence complies, we have a more comprehensive pool safety certificate checklist that covers more of the significant points that could cause non-compliance.

Once you’ve gone through this spot check, we can help guide you through the rest of the process to ensure that any repairs or changes are made to your fence and get your fence compliant. 

If your pool fails your first inspection, the pool inspector will give you a non-conformity notice(Form 26). He will also give you a clear and easy to understand report indicating all of the items that need rectification before returning for a re-inspection.

At Poolinspec we specialise in pool safety inspections, and we don’t offer pool fence repairs or alterations, so you can trust that our work is unbiased and accurate. However, if you need repairs or changes done, we can refer you to a reputable pool safety fence contractor that will get your repairs done without delay.

Doing your part by checking if your pool complies and getting a pool inspector to inspect your pool helps bring the QLD drowning statistics down.

This pool safety checklist is a guide only and not an approval or acknowledgment of compliance. We always recommend that you engage one of our licensed and insured pool safety inspectors to inspect and confirm that your pool is compliant. 

At Poolinspec, we check up to 100 regulations to make your pool safe. That’s why it’s always advisable to get a professional to do your inspection.

Here’s a downloadable Pool safety certificate checklist that you can print and use while inspecting your pool fence.

Even though you only need a new pool safety certificate (Form 23) when you sell or lease your property, you still need to ensure that your pool complies at all times. Local governments and the QBCC have the authority to investigate compliance with pool safety standards and can issue fines for non-compliance.

If you don’t comply with pool safety standards, local governments can issue on-the-spot fines. Recent non-compliance penalties have seen fines of up to $6000!

If, after reading through this spot check, you’re still not sure if your pool complies, Poolinspec can offer you a pool safety consultation. We can show you if any areas need attention or repairs before compliance. 

It is essential to note that as the pool owner, you are responsible for the safety of the pool, and non-compliance could result in an injury or, worse, a fatal drowning. Not only that, but you could be facing a hefty fine of up to $6000 from the QBCC.

That’s why it’s better to get your pool safe and compliant sooner than later.

To find out more on how Poolinspec can help you get your pool safe and compliant, call us on 045 756 6563 or send an email and one of our friendly pool inspectors will get back to you.

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